Couple’s Therapy

Come bop into relationship therapy if:

You’d like to find new ways to deepen your bond, and connect intimately

You’re thinking about moving in together or taking new steps (i.e. getting married, kids, etc) and want to make sure the foundation is solid

You’re not 100% about monogamy and want to talk about opening the relationship 

You’re part of the LGBQ/TGNC community and are experiencing barriers as a couple

You’re having family/support conflict due to the relationship

You’d like to find better ways and styles of communication

You’re looking to create a “same team” mentality and need help getting there in practice

There is addiction in the relationship and help is required for navigation and support

Your sexual relationship has slowed down and you would like to address that

Your erotic scripts look/feel different and are seeking help

*Please note that these are not exclusive. If you feel your situation does not fall into any of these categories, please feel free to reach out so we can dialogue. 

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